Even though it was the first week of preschool, meaning very short days, I did do some grocery shopping.

First, I went to BJs.  It was nearly 100 that day so I got premade desserts for my get together that evening rather than running the oven.


Then I went to the farm stand.  I was hoping for local peaches, but was out of luck.  Broccoli & green beans are in season, though, so I bought those along with some of their chicken salad.


The same day I went to Wegman’s.  They have a display from local farms there and I was able to get local peaches (which have been good).  Interestingly, I also saw green beans from the same farm as above, and the ones at Wegman’s looked terrible.  I try not to the same place quite this close together, but the mini bagels proved to be quite popular so I went back primarily for more of those.


Then, Sunday I went to the farm stand again for corn on the cob (and picked up a few other things).  It’s a little hard to see what’s in the bags, but under the cauliflower are two tomatoes, one pear, and two apples.


Here’s what we did (with much of that) this week.

take out Chinese

nacho chicken
corn on the cob
green & wax beans

Kids: chicken nuggets, broccoli
Adults: tuna noodle casserole

Tuesday (I’m going out.):
take out pizza

Flank steak
Roasted cauliflower

Kids:  shrimp, carrots
Adults: homemade mac n cheese

Kids: eggs
Adults: homemade pizza