I last wrote about this sort of thing in the spring, when soccer and baseball got going.  We also have both soccer and baseball in the fall, but baseball is not nearly as time consuming so generally things don’t seem as hectic.  Here’s what things look like for the next few weeks:

Monday – soccer practice for 1

Tuesday – swimming lessons for 4

Thursday – drawing class for 2; bike club for 1; soccer practice for 1

Friday – baseball clinic for 1

Saturday – soccer games for 2

Sunday – baseball game for 1

Of course, many days bring other items not in the standing schedule.

To keep up with all this I have a dry erase board to track meals – both dinners and lunches for the older boys (since they can buy at school), activities, and appointments.


This is just a monthly dry erase calendar that I’ve decided to use it as a weekly one.  It works well, though in another year or so I’ll need another line.  Since I don’t think they make this specific one anymore I may need to find a different solution, but there are plenty of choices.