I’ve had a lot more than usual going on lately, but last week I checked a big item off my list.  The fall consignment sale is done!

I’m happy to say that I netted in the neighborhood of $600!  I was worried I’d have too much stuff to fit in the car, but there were two seats available.

IMG_3682     IMG_3685

(Any guesses as to what brand of diapers we usually use?)

Other things got done too:

  • We hosted playgroup.
  • I and the youngest two got flu shots.
  • The boys attended their regular weekly sports classes, clinics, practices, and games (except one which was rained out).
  • Speaking of rain, it rained for the first time in seemingly forever, and came down hard which caused so localized problems on a Monday morning.  But, the hurricane stayed away so all in all it could have been worse.