We’re back in the fall routine now.  Unfortunately the number is getting a little higher than I might like so I’ll have to pay more attention going forward.

A few observations about this month.  The local number is still fairly high, but half of this is a single nice meats purchase.  I haven’t been to the farmer’s market since before school started because its schedule doesn’t fit well with the school schedule.  I’ve been at the farm stand pretty regularly though – lots of green beans and corn on the cob specifically.  Second, I haven’t been to Target in what seems like forever, though that’s probably ok.  Third, I discovered that BJs is now carrying our preferred pizza dough, which will reduce my Star Market number going forward.  Finally, the Stop & Shop number looks a lot higher, but that included two birthday cakes.

  • September TOTAL: $1254.22
    • Stop & Shop: $273.06
    • Wegman’s: $353.96
    • BJs: $332.20
    • Other: $295.00
      • Local: $230.66
      • Star Market: $55.18
      • Trader Joe’s: $9.16
      • Target: $0
      • Other: $0

I didn’t do too much shopping this week.  I was at BJs first.


Then I went to the farm stand.  It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but from the top left are broccoli, corn on the cob, green beans, and shallots.


Here’s the menu plan for this week.  By necessity it is very simple and easy clean-up.

Saturday I was out all day
Kids: chicken nuggets, carrots
Adults: homemade pizza

beef & broccoli stir fry

Kids: macaroni & cheese
Adults: homemade pizza


take out pizza

Chinese take out

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza