Yes, usually on Tuesday I post what I have done for the past week.  But, last week we were on vacation!  Hence, no post yesterday with groceries because there were none and I haven’t fully planned meals for this week yet either.  But, now that I’m back there’s much to be done.

We were in Disney World and I’ll review various aspects of that over the next few Fridays.  Unfortunately we were welcomed back with unseasonable cold weather and ice.  (It’s a bad sign when ice melt is being put out before Halloween.)  Check out the little icicles.


I’m listing these goals for the next two weeks because some of them require multiple stops and really can’t be done this week with the standard stuff we have going on.  And, this is on top of the usual school, grocery, meals, laundry, sports, etc.  I already cleared the laundry backlog from the trip!

  • Review email backlog.
  • Sort snail mail; pay bills; read backlog.
  • Deal with one wedding present.
  • Go to one doctor and one dentist appointment.
  • Go to parent/teacher elementary conferences.
  • Decide on/acquire Halloween costumes.  Buy pumpkins & decorate for Halloween.  Go trick or treating.
  • Update grocery price book.  This hasn’t been done since Wegman’s opened about a year ago.  Note that my goal is not to determine the lowest ever price for a given thing, but to determine the standard prices for things at the places I shop so I can evaluate sales and otherwise purchase items at the best location.
  • Go to a local rummage sale.  This one happens once a year and I’ve meant to go before but either missed it or had kids to attend to.  So, I’m interested to see what’s there.
  • Continue de-cluttering that was abandoned last spring with the arrival of summer (ie, no school) followed by the consignment sale and vacation trip.