Last week I wrote about what I hoped to get done over the following two weeks so first, let’s see where that’s gone.

  • I have cleared the email & snail mail backlog.  I haven’t paid the bills yet as they’re not due, though that will happen this week.  I’ve read some of the backlog – certainly anything important.
  • I’m still working on the wedding present; shipping is causing no end of hassles, but I made some progress.
  • I had the doctor appointment; the dentist is tomorrow.
  • We have Halloween costumes.  Pumpkins have been procured.  Three have been carved; one more will be done tomorrow.  Decorations have been put out.
  • I started on the price book info.  Specifically, I got about halfway through BJs before I ran out of time.  I haven’t been to another store yet to start the comparisons.  At this point I’m not sure it will be done in two weeks for two reasons.  BJs took me longer than I expected.  And, I’m not likely to go to Wegman’s before next Tuesday.  So, we probably need to add another week or two for this item.
  • I did make it to the rummage sale and had some reasonable success.  I was looking for shorts, which I didn’t find.  But, for $22 I got a bunch of books and clothes.  Definitely the best deal was the size 12 Gap chinos in the center of the clothing picture, although the branded items, Red Sox pjs, and Mark Jacobs shirt for me were obviously well under their standard list prices also.

IMG_3909   IMG_3911

  • I only made a small dent in the decluttering.  The mudroom is almost done, which would sound like a huge accomplishment except that its not nearly the worst room in the house, just the easiest.

Anyway, other things happened also:

  • We got our front walk and steps replaced so I graded around them and put down some grass seed.
  • We did lots of socializing with various family members who were in town.
  • We got back into the swing of school, sports, and activities.