We’ve had a lot going on with holidays and contractors.

  • I went to the preschool parent/teacher conferences.  All is well.
  • Our oldest had his soccer tournament, in which they won their division.
  • I got my haircut.
  • We attended the preschool potluck for our youngest.
  • I went to a PTA meeting with our new school superintendent, which was quite informative.  We’ll have to see where the new vision takes us.
  • We went to a 3y birthday party.

Here’s just one of the sort of things the contractors are taking care of for us – a mess of painting.  In theory I could paint myself, but windows are not my favorite and I have little time to do this with youngsters who won’t stay away from wet paint almost always around.



(Say hi to my reflection!)  No, these are not the same bathroom; the colored tiles are staying for now.  The wood is now white and the awful shade has gone in the trash.  It will be replaced eventually, but since we never actually close them it is not a priority.