I’m not sure this is the most exciting week, mostly because I’m not doing the primary cooking next weekend on any of the days – lots of family gatherings – so I’m not sure what the menus will be!

On the plus side, we did finally have the last soccer practices and games this weekend so by next week we should actually be back to normal.

First for the shopping,

I made a few stops this past week.  First I went to BJs.  (Note the new photo location – the only place I could find that wasn’t being invaded by the contractors.  You’ll see some more odd spots later.)  There’s not much out of the ordinary.  I was happy to see that they had pizza dough again, as it was missing last time I went.  That being said, I nearly bought out the shelf so it may be hit or miss going forward.  We’ll have to see.


Thursday I went to Stop & Shop.  I had coupons so this particular configuration of cans/cartons of broth maximized my savings.  The big store coupons for the week were the flour, butter, potatoes, and chips; I don’t usually buy brand name AP flour or butter.  There are also four cans of evaporated milk to go with the four cans of pumpkin pie mix.


Finally, on Saturday I went to Wegman’s.  It was much more crowded than during the week, but not bad.  I had a few items that are best to get there and I wanted to visit before the Thanksgiving sales ended.  This was my chance.

Cereal, granola bars, eggs, and tomatoes were what I really needed from Wegman’s.  I got the corn because we’re running low and the $1 off coupon was for a frozen food item this week.  The flour, turkey, and clementines were Thanksgiving sale purchases.  I would have bought more flour, but it was Limit 2.  The turkey is in the freezer for a later date.




Here’s the menu plan for this coming week.

Leftover braised pork (made for Friday’s preschool dinner)
Leftover egg bread (also made for Friday’s preschool dinner)
Mashed potatoes

Asiago chicken

Take out pizza (Husband isn’t home and the kids have been asking)

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade Pizza



Thanksgiving leftovers?