Christmas week is here.  And, as you can imagine that means lots of grocery shopping.  (Thankfully just about all actual Christmas shopping has been done via the internet and most has even arrived!)

Christmas dinner menu:
Cranberry sauce
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Butternut squash
Prunes & apples (family recipe)
Traditional stuffing
Pancetta & Chestnut stuffing (we aim to try a new one each year also)
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Gingerbread cookies

First I went to Stop & Shop.  Ironically, there is actually nothing here that will be used on Christmas Day.  I got two beef roasts because they are on great sales also this week.  We’ll eat one tonight and the other on Christmas eve.  With so many people, roasts are pretty cost effective for us, despite their significant single item sticker price.  The four jars are beef gravy to go with them (plus extra since its on sale).  The carrots are for tonight also.


On Tuesday I went to Wegman’s.  There are a few things for Christmas here:  some decorations for the gingerbread cookies plus pancetta, parsley, and celery for the stuffing.  This weeks coupons were for organic produce (discounted carrots) and bakery (free chocolate croissant in bag).  The other items are to get us through the week (milk) and/or to the next time I make it to Wegman’s.  Specifically, I bought a bunch of granola bars because I don’t anticipate going again for a few weeks.


I picked up the turkey on Wednesday.  The thyme is also for Christmas Day.  I usually make my own breads, but these rolls were inexpensive and looked pretty tasty (confirmed when eaten).  I should have gotten a fourth bag though.  We had the rolls and gingerbread with/after dinner Wednesday night.  For dinner we had chicken & artichokes.  But, I didn’t have any artichokes so I put in parsnips & potatoes instead.  That worked fine.  The recipe happily takes most any vegetable combination and cut of chicken.  We had roasted acorn squash on the side.


After Christmas I made a stop at BJs.  I had a number of coupons that needed to be used before the new year.  Most of my purchases weren’t food so you don’t see them here.  (I did remember the shrimp this time!)