Well, we were pretty bang on this month even with Christmas!  I also managed to get in some stocking up.  And, as I’ve referenced other weeks, I haven’t kept as closely to not buying on sale because I need to keep some level of stock in the house at present.  (More on that another day.)

  • December TOTAL: $802.12
    • Stop & Shop: $196.45
    • Wegman’s: $168.19
    • BJs: $184.13
    • Other: $253.35
      • Local: $110.78
      • Star Market: $74.43
      • Trader Joe’s: $10.36
      • Target: $36.41
      • Other: $21.37

I didn’t shop too much this week – plenty of leftovers, the boys are all home from school, etc.

Early in the week I did go to Wegman’s.  I don’t think there’s much exciting here.


Late in the week I went to Star Market.  Generally I would prefer to purchase the pizza dough at BJs, but it seems to be a hit or miss item and the last time I went they were out.  So I got some at Star Market even though it is more expensive.  Unfortunately, Star was low on oatmeal so I could only get 2; I was planning for 8 so I’ll have to go back again more quickly than I had wanted.  Since I went late in the day I got a bag of fried chicken and the watermelon for the boys’ dinner.  We’d never had their fried chicken before, but it was well received.