This week we mostly continued eating what was already in the house.  I did go to Wegman’s to top off milk and some snack/lunch items.


I also went to Stop & Shop for, primarily, dinner stuff.  The roast (and garlic and fresh herbs) went into our new Sous Vide contraption last week.  This was the second time we’d used it (first for a roast) and it worked great.  We’re not sure the ribs were worth the extra time & effort, but the meat was excellent and so easy.

Note re Sous Vide – we already had a vacuum sealer.  This makes the machine more reasonable.  Since you need one to make sous vide work, purchasing both will double your costs.


Finally, I went to BJs to catch up a bit.  Though, it wasn’t that big a trip.  The two canisters that are hard to read are minced garlic and shredded parmesan.  We used the tortillas, with the hard shells shown above, for tacos last week.


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a menu plan, but here we go.  This is the menu plan for this coming week.  But, I’m out of practice so I can’t remember what we had Saturday to start the week!


Homemade pizza (in the living room to watch the AFC Championship game)

Shepard’s pie
Green beans

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Tuna noodle casserole

Sous vide chicken
Fingerling potatoes

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Dad + oldest 3:  out
Me + younger 3: take out pizza