On the one hand, it could have been lower since I didn’t shop much or at all some weeks.  On the other hand, we’ve been home more (with more people in the house) so more eating is getting done.  I also did some restocking of things that had gotten low.  And, I bought a few things I’d far prefer to buy on sale not on sale because I haven’t been as tuned to them as usual over the past two months and we were running low.  Hopefully that aspect will straighten itself out over the next month or so.

  • December TOTAL: $1024.37
    • Stop & Shop: $234.16
    • Wegman’s: $161.13
    • BJs: $359.46
    • Other: $269.62
      • Local: $65.49
      • Star Market: $156.74
      • Trader Joe’s: $7.96
      • Target: $39.43
      • Other: $0

I think this was a pretty normal shopping week.  I still haven’t gotten back to reliable meal planning, so that will have to wait another week.  But, I have managed to keep up with the grocery pictures despite everything else going on.

I went to the farm stand and Stop & Shop on Monday.  With the now three year old in tow I did buy a few things (berries, specifically) that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  But, they all got eaten.


Cheese, pasta, Oreos, and soda were on sale at Stop & Shop.  The ground beef was for shepard’s pie that night so I didn’t mind buying the marked down package.


On Wednesday I went to Wegman’s.  I bought the jicama on a whim.  We’ve been reading Eating the Alphabet a bunch lately (its the example “j” with jalapeno).  Also, last week we had lunch out and ended up with a salad with jicama in it.  Turns out my four year-old is a big fan!  I may buy it again.