As you can imagine, just about everything this month took a back seat to the new baby.  But, in other news …

  • We purchased a new house.  The construction this month and last was in preparation for selling our current house, which will hopefully happen next month.  We anticipate moving in the summer.  And, since its new construction hopefully I’ll keep you updated on the goings on as the weeks go by.
  • We finished up installing recessed lighting (see first bullet) and some other minor updates.
  • The older three boys started their winter ski lessons.  They go for six weeks and, unlike last year, it seems like it will be the originally scheduled six weeks this time.  Thankfully, the warm winter hasn’t cancelled this activity.
  • I got my haircut.  Perfect timing two days before baby.
  • Our four year old is doing weekly skating lessons.  It takes a bit to get him there, but once there he seems to be enjoying them.
  • The twins attended one birthday party.
  • The older three plus Dad went on a ski weekend.
  • As a start to the moving process I sold some items via an online yard sale – many to go.  I also did a fair bit of cleaning out when the older ones were out of town.