Apologies for disappearing for so long.  It has been a hectic few months.  New baby, buy a new house (make that build which is fun but exponentially more complicated), sell current house, and keep track of normal life are a lot of tasks to do simultaneously.  Specifically, selling our current house occupied an extra hour a day getting ready for showings & open houses so there went my blogging time!

But, I did keep up with the grocery picture taking and receipt tracking.  We did continue doing stuff.  And, now I have new topics to blog about.  Over the next few months I’ll get us all caught up on how our grocery spending went and I’ll use some of our activities as inspiration for new posts.  I’ll also write up some of the things I’ve learned about building and selling houses, as well as moving, to hopefully help someone else.

Thankfully, we’ve entered baseball season on the heals of getting our house sold.  I’m not sure I could have added another super time consuming task to the list.

Here’s the hat display for this year.  I’ve written about the hecticness of the schedule before.  This year we’ve got 4 kids involved for a total of 3 baseball teams plus 2 soccer teams.  That gives us 13 baseball events plus 4 soccer events each week, including 9 each Saturday.


We did get the Dodgers again.  But instead of a California theme we have royal blue.