If you missed last week’s post, it’s baseball season.  That means we have a 6-8 week stretch where we’re at someone’s game from 5:30-8 pm almost every day (it varies each week) except Friday & Saturday.  But, Saturday we’re all gone basically all day, getting back exhausted just in time for dinner.  All in all it doesn’t make for good meal planning / quality eating / family dinners.

The grocery shopping reflects this.

On Monday I went to BJs; I basically bought staples.



Since they’re nearby, I went to Target the same day.  Again, this was basically staples.


I made my monthly run to Star Market (used to be Shaw’s) on Wednesday.  Again, there’s little here that makes a meal.  My approach to baseball season is to have some basic stuff on had and make a last minute decision as to what to have based on who’s available.  Pizza dough and pizza cheese are the two items I travel to Star Market for.  I was out of baby carrots.  Hot dogs and chicken nuggets were on sale and make easy quick dinners.


I also went to Stop & Shop on Wednesday.


Hot dogs were also on sale here, and buns are cheaper.  There was an extra 400 gas points (40¢) for buying 7 PAM.  The ground turkey and potato chips were on great sales. The turkey will get divided and go into the freezer for after baseball season.  Margarine, lemonade boxes, and bananas we were just low on.