This was not a particularly eventful week for grocery shopping.  And, with baseball & soccer still underway meals really weren’t interesting.

First, I went to Wegman’s.  There really isn’t anything here that will become a meal (unless you count the eggs or cereal).  This is pretty much all to fill the kid’s lunchboxes.


On Tuesday I went to Stop & Shop.  I guess you could say this is more interesting.  Besides being on sale, the mac n cheese, marshmallows, and ketchup combined gave me 400 gas points (40¢/gallon off).  The Eggos were on sale and gave me free strawberries.  The precut fruit was for preschool breakfast on Wednesday.  The ground beef went into the freezer because I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  The only things that aren’t on sale here are the precut fruit and hot dog buns.


Finally, Saturday night I went to Star Market.  I never go shopping Saturday night, but I had another errand to run and wasn’t sure when this week I’d get there otherwise.  I did not take a picture, but can summarize.  We were almost out of oatmeal so that was my main reason for going.  It was on sale so I bought the whole shelf – 12 boxes.  I bought 6 pizza dough balls, not on sale.  Pizza cheese was on sale though so I bought 9 of those (thought about the whole shelf, but it was too much).  Lastly, grape juice was on sale so I bought that whole shelf too – 7 containers.  That’s it!