Still in catch-up mode here.

  • March is an ease into spring month for us.  We have our first classes of the year at the Rec Center (indoors), winter baseball clinics, and the end of skiing lessons.
  • We celebrated a birthday.  Yes, I made two cakes just for us!


  • We attended three birthday parties.
  • I continued selections for the new house with a trip to the tile store.  I also went to lighting and granite showrooms.  Here’s a preview for those interested in what we’ve chosen.  We’re not using all of them.  We’re using both tiles in the upper left, but only the top one in the upper right.  As much as I like the brown tiles in the lower left we opted for granite instead.  But, we are using the blue circles.  We’re only using the far left mosiac from the lower right.  I’ll leave it to you all to try to figure out where they’re going!
  • Our current house went on the market.  This pretty much consumed the month.
  • We went to the 4th grade concert.
  • I got my hair cut.