I still need to go back and fill in some holes, but let’s get caught up to the present.  May was high.  I don’t know that it felt high in process, but when I started totaling up the receipts there were a lot of them!

May TOTAL: $1,171.01

  • Stop & Shop: $273.52
  • Wegman’s: $262.04
  • BJs: $383.85
  • Other: $251.60
    • Local: $43.76
    • Star Market: $153.60
    • Trader Joe’s: $24.93
    • Target: $29.31
    • Other: $0

Maybe to make up for this, I didn’t buy too much last week.  I made one trip to Wegman’s – on Thursday.  We’ve been going through tomatoes at quite a clip so I got two Family Packs; hopefully they’ll last a full week.