I feel like I’m catching up to real time, finally.  Though, I still have to go back and update the grocery shopping and spending updates for the past couple of months.  April was the start of spring hecticness, with kickoffs for both soccer and baseball.

  • We sold our house! Yeah!
  • We had 3 dentist appointments.  Everyone got their hair cut, except the baby.
  • We had parent-teacher conferences for the older three.  We got spring reports for the next two.
  • We hosted one birthday party.  We attended another.


  • I made more tile and stone decisions.  Neither of those are our actual cabinets, but they are the correct colors for those that will be nearest these stones.
  • Over spring vacation, the older three participated in a mock revolutionary war battle which everyone seemed to enjoy.
  • We went to a Red Sox game using free tickets.  The weather was accommodating and taking the very small ones was not as bad as I had feared. (We would not have done this except for the free tickets.)