Well, its been quite some time since I posted a Menu Plan, but now that baseball season is over we’ll try to get back on track.  First, though, the shopping.

On Thursday I went to BJs, hence the inspiration for last Friday’s post.  I got some steaks for Father’s Day, some chicken for this week, refills of a few items we’ll use fast now that the boys are out of school, and what I expect will be my last batch of chicken nuggets for a while.  (After baseball season folks can be kind of sick of those.)


Saturday we went to Wegman’s.  The potatoes and Romaine are sides for Father’s Day.  The brown paper hides the big steak which the adults ate for dinner Saturday night.  I got some steaks for early next week (their fresh packs allow purchasing this far in advance) and some regular churn stuff.

Finally, on Sunday I went to the farm stand for their strawberry festival.  We got lots of strawberry related samples and bought some chocolate covered strawberries.


I wouldn’t normally buy meat there, but Wegman’s didn’t have veal cutlets.  The English peas and strawberries are now locally in season.  The other items are to round out various meals.

And, the meal plan.  With school finishing up I’ve purposefully not scheduled too much this week so we’re somewhat flexible.

Kids: afternoon BBQ filled them up enough that they weren’t interested in dinner
Adults: Cowboy steak, pan fried shredded potatoes

Rib-eye steaks
Baked potatoes
Cesar salad

Chicken pot pie
Green beans

I’m going out so we have leftover steak and chicken pot pie to choose from.

Veal parmesean

Asiago chicken (with fresh English peas!)

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza