Eventful week last week.

  • We had preschool graduation and the last day of preschool.
  • We attended an end of the year party for the younger preschooler.
  • The older three went to a Red Sox game.
  • Our oldest had his last baseball game of the season.  They lost, but since it was the playoffs pretty much everyone lost their last game.
  • We had soccer & baseball end of year gatherings.
  • We attended two birthday parties + one family BBQ.
  • We had a playdate – I should do more of these but with the number of people involved and the bus logistics its annoyingly challenging.
  • We met with the builder about landscaping.  This is still a work in progress.
  • I registered our oldest for summer baseball + the older three for summer golf lessons.
  • I took all the boys to the strawberry festival.