I know its been a while.  I’ve spent all my time packing, and then we had no internet for a while while we switched houses.  But, all that is behind us now.

In addition, while I did go to the grocery store last week it was always for a specific day/meal and I didn’t get to take pictures.  Today was my first restocking trip and I did get pictures, so you’ll see that next week.

The weather here has been hot and very muggy so we’ve spent most of our time inside unpacking.  We also got the POD back and unpacked.  Everything was in good condition and didn’t seem to have shifted at all despite our unprofessional packing/tie down job.  My only complaint is that everything inside was covered in a fine black dust.  I’d been warned of that before using the POD, but it was still annoying.  The dust seemed to stick to tape in particular.  Cardboard wasn’t so bad and furniture varied dramatically.  All things considered, though, I’d get one again to move as it really helps to get some stuff out of the house before putting it on the market.

Tomorrow, we’ll get back to a more regular schedule and I’ll start sharing some of my more favorite things about the house later in the week.  In the meantime, there are many more boxes to unpack.