Well, this post is a bit late in the day.  But, that’s better than not at all.

Really, the big accomplishment of the past month is moving.  I packed most of the house (much to the surprise of the movers).  While this does take more time, I prefer to do this because I can label the boxes better and stand a better chance of finding things during the unpacking process.

Some other notes of interest:

  • Swimming finished for the summer.  For the first time ever, someone (actually two people) passed a level over the summer.
  • Baseball & golf are ongoing so we are still booked most weekday evenings and therefore haven’t gotten back to organized dinners.
  • Thankfully, though, we have eased back to dinners made at home.  We got a little tired of the constant restaurant / takeout menu at the height of the move.
  • I ordered new backpacks & lunchboxes.  After many years ours were getting too small, smelly, worn, etc.
  • I added another missing grocery post:

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I need to find the wire to connect to the computer for downloads!  Hopefully by Thursday.