This past week I finally got back to restocking.  But, I was still stuck with extra small grocery runs as we chose what to eat (that wasn’t take out).

On Monday I went to Wegman’s.  I actually bought a dozen milks, but this was all that fit in a single location in the car.  The rest were scattered and therefore didn’t make the picture.  I did some restocking – ketchup, cereal, granola bars, etc; bought some produce for the first time in what seemed like forever; and bought a few easy lunches- chicken salad & mac n cheese.

I also went to the farm stand for more produce.  Everything is local except the peaches, which are from Pennsylvania.  I recall hearing that we had a bad freeze or such that damaged the fruit trees in New England this past winter so we may not get local peaches this year.  These were good though, better than standard grocery store fare.


On Wednesday, I went to Stop & Shop.  With the exception of bananas and pepperoni, these are things I can’t get at Wegman’s.  Either they don’t have the brand I prefer or I prefer the Stop & Shop version.


Once we knew the weekend weather was going to hold, we decided to BBQ.  We got steaks at Wegman’s (no picture).  I went back to Stop & Shop for a few sides.


Now, I admit I don’t have this whole week planned out.  We’ve got a couple of weeks here with few evening activities so I’m trying to make the most of it.  But, I still don’t have everything I usually have available at home.  And, the kids are still off school so I have to balance my desire to shop with them vs my desire to plan interesting menus.  There wasn’t anything in this week’s sale flyers that interested me.

We all went to the minor league baseball game.  Most people had hotdogs.

Rib-eye steaks
Pan fried potatoes

Monday (boys’ have last summer golf lesson in the evening):
Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza




Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza