Most of what I did last week focused on unpacking.

  • The kitchen is fully unpacked, with the exception of a few items.  Those will go on additional shelves that I’ve requested from the builder.  All the other shelves have been adjusted to fit our things so the six I’ve requested should finish things off.  I’m happy to say that all our kitchen stuff fits with room to spare.  Its been nice to be able to finally put things away, vs keeping them in their boxes to ward off basement dust.  I’ve used most things, but they always went back in their boxes after washing since I didn’t have space to store them in the kitchen.
  • My related, big accomplishment was to finish off the pantry.  I added a few more shelves, a mat for under the electrics, and some end dividers for shelves that might get things that could tip over.


  • It’s not completely done.  The stand mixer needs to come out of its box and onto the shelf with the other electrics.  And, the items on the floor under that shelf need to go – sell, Freecycle, trash – along with another box of kitchen stuff.  But, we’re pretty close and very useable.
  • I feel the pantry will be very helpful with so many people.  This is something we added by adjusting the floorplan prior to construction.  Basically we slid over the kitchen wall to make the kitchen 5′ smaller so we could add the pantry, plus two other areas (to be shown later).

Aside from unpacking:

  • Our oldest had baseball camp.
  • The oldest three had a golf lesson.
  • I sold a few items we weren’t using on
  • I’ve made two trips to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for typical new house stuff.  Thankfully I have a seemingly infinite supply of their coupons so I’ve been able to maximize the amount off each time.
  • We went out to eat for a very belated anniversary dinner.
  • I went to Target to purchase most of the school supplies I didn’t already have.  That being said, moving means I have to actually find those things I know we have.
  • I ordered headphones (a school supply) for the twins on Amazon.  I fixed our address with Amazon.