I noticed a few things about my collection of boxes during the moving process.  First, as evidenced by this picture of the office, we have many diaper boxes.  Pampers and Huggies could give me a commission for this.


What people don’t realize is that diaper boxes make great moving boxes.  They’re thick.  They’re glued on the bottom.  And, they used to have handles on the sides.

Note:  Pampers has completely ruined their boxes by moving to suitcase style top handles.  I agree these tear less.  But, they’re difficult to carry unless you have large hands.  And, more importantly, when you’ve tucked the box somewhere (closet, trunk, etc.), there’s now nothing to grab on the end to slide the box back.  Pampers: you can feel free to keep the top suitcase handles, but please bring back the end handles before I run out of kids in diapers.  Most of these are older boxes with the end handles.

I also suspect some people might think I bought a whole new kitchen to go with the new house.  But, no.  I am happy to report that all of the kitchen items that had been in use, but living in their boxes in the basement, now fit in the cabinets.  It’s not that this kitchen is dramatically larger.  Instead, it is much better designed.

I didn’t take a picture of the recycling last week, but it looked something like this week’s version.  That’s a lot of kitchen boxes gone!