Yes, today’s Tuesday.  But, yesterday was a holiday.  I also should be including our August numbers in this post, but I haven’t found the box with the receipts in it yet.  Since the older boys have a real week of school this week (yes Monday is a holiday, but last week was 2 holidays, 2 half days, and only 1 full day so it hardly counts) and the preschooler starts this week (with a similar warm-up period), I should have time to find it this month and get that info out to you.

Tuesday was the first day of school so I went to Target & BJs with only two in tow.  I didn’t take a picture of the grape juice (6) I got at Target.  I had to put the perishables from BJs away quickly so I didn’t get a picture of them either, but here’s the non-perishables.


Wednesday I went to Stop & Shop.  Granola bars & Oreos were on sale; the rest is for this week and restocking.


I also went to the farm stand.  The paper bag is full of seconds bananas.  I took them out so you could see how many I got for $1.50.  They’re pretty uniformly in ok shape.  Sometimes the bag is more mixed with more that are good for eating.  These will all be used for baking.

The apples aren’t local yet; hopefully soon.  Everything else is.


And, the meal plan.  Evening activities kick off again this week so you’ll start to see the split dinners reappear.

Tenderloin steaks
Creamed spinach
Baked potato

Shepards pie
Green & wax beans

California fish stew

Asiago chicken

Beef & Broccoli stir fry

Kids: Macaroni & cheese
Adults: tuna noodle casserole

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza