Stocking up is commencing.  And, I’ve bought a few items not on sale that we’d like to have back sooner than they will hit the sale cycle.  That being said, it wasn’t terribly high.  We moved mid month so there were a few days without kitchen stuff.  The dishwasher also failed so I was trying to cook a bit less than usual to take the load off (though I did eventually resort to paper plates).

  • August TOTAL:  $1035.29
    • Stop & Shop: $53.54
    • Wegman’s: $430.97
    • BJs: $371.57
    • Other: $179.21
      • Local: $60.98
      • Star Market: $69.87
      • Trader Joe’s: $7.96
      • Target: $40.40
      • Other: $0

On Thursday, I went to Stop & Shop.  They didn’t have our preferred brand of rice so I bought the store brand.  We aren’t fans, but we’ll finish the bag.  As a side note, our local Stop & Shop has been continuing to eliminate specific products I buy.  I’m going to have to start going one town over (about 20 extra minutes round trip and directly past our local one) every now and then to restock these items.  Thankfully, they’re all shelf or freezer friendly.


I also went to the farm stand that day.  I got my Labor Day supply of seconds bananas so I can make a bunch of banana bread for the next few month’s of kids school snacks.