With the new house came all new appliances.  So far I’ve been happy with everything, except the dishwasher.  It washes fine, but it leaks.  At this point I don’t know if its an installation issue that can be fixed, or we got a lemon that will need to be replaced.  I just know that it needs to be babysat to dry up the fluid that comes out.

Here you can see the beads of water forming on the cabinet while the dishwasher is running.  (This isn’t too bad actually).  The second photo shows the moisture on the door once opened.  Obviously the black control panel should not be wet since its outside the gasket.

In these photos you can see the moisture build up on the underside of the counter.  You can also see the steam condensing on the side of the refrigerator.

All of this moisture then runs down – both inside and outside the door – and drips out onto the floor below.  So, its a constant effort to keep things dry while the dishwasher is running.  And, if one doesn’t run the dishwasher for a few days it dries out and stops leaking.

So, here’s what I know.  I have all new Kitchenaid appliances.  The Whirlpool (parent company) service guy came out, but didn’t see the dripping because the instruction was to stop using the dishwasher when it started dripping.  Since the service guy took a week to appear, the dishwasher was dried out and didn’t drip for him.  It took another few days to start dripping again.  Unfortunately, this is what taught me that I have to keep it running.

From dry, I have to run about 10 cycles to trigger the dripping.  This takes time.  It can be any cycle, though the dripping isn’t always the same.  I think this is because of the different amounts of heat in the different cycles, and because the water finds a different path each time the unit dries out.  So, I’m waiting for another service visit, but I have to keep running it and drying things while I wait.  It’s been a week now since I requested a second service call and no response yet.  I’m getting rather irritated by this!  (Hence the post.)