I made two trips to the grocery store this week.

On Friday, I went to Shaw’s.  This is a huge trip there for me, but they had lots on sale.  The grapes and bananas are for soccer snacks.  They didn’t have any pizza cheese.  I learned Italian wasn’t a great substitute.


On Sunday, I went to Stop & Shop.  I find myself doing more weekend grocery shopping lately.  It’s a bit hard to predict the weekend menu with sports and weather.  Since we like to BBQ when possible, the current path has been to wait and shop day of.  It’s not an extra trip, just another thing to squeeze in on the weekend.  The fish is for dinner.  The ham is for school lunches.  The frozen veggies are for the baby – she likes these.  Pasta was on sale along with ice cream, cheese, goldfish, and applesauce.