I was in the grocery store a month back and stumbled across this set:


I admit that on the rare occasion I need to pack cutlery I’m still using the cheap, disposable variety.  But, I was surprised to see Chopsticks as part of the set.  I’m also not sure if you’d take the whole set with you each day (with the substantial plastic case) or just what you need (as in the picture).  I didn’t buy one, but frankly they look pretty good.

Then, last week, at a different grocery store I came across these:


Apparently the sounds are no longer sufficient.  It wouldn’t surprise me if other colors are available (only this when I was there) and/or if a train version exists.  I also suspect this would rapidly turn into a toy with all the extra places for babies to grab the spoon while you try to feed them.

I haven’t actually tried either.  But, looking strictly at the packaging and imagining the functionality, the cutlery set looks like a winner but the airplane spoon does not.