Most new kitchens have pull out trash.  One can buy kits to retrofit kitchen cabinets with multiple pull out trash can options.

When I started looking at the design for the family bath in our new house I realized that there was no place to put a trash can except inside the cabinet under the sink (which I realize is typical for many people).  But, the boys have a hard time landing stuff in the trash can on the floor and having it inside a cabinet won’t help.  Plus, they fill it so it often overflows unless someone comes by to crush it down.  So, the pull out bathroom trash was born.


This was supposed to be a stack of three drawers between the sinks.  Instead we replaced it with one drawer and a pull out trash, just like one has in a kitchen.  Soooo much better.  There’s no mess on the floor.  It doesn’t fill up between trash days.  And, I don’t know what I would have put in those drawers anyway.

When I first came up with this idea, I searched the Internet and couldn’t find a picture or reference to such a thing so I’m claiming an original idea!  I highly recommend you copy it.