Things are cranking along now.

  • We had our first Math Night of the year.
  • I ordered blinds for the bedrooms.
  • Two of three soccer games (and a practice) were rained out this week, but we really do need rain.
  • Baseball was also rained out.
  • The forecast, even at 9:00 was for rain on Monday, but it was beautiful and rain never materialized.
  • Since it rained Saturday, I was able to go to one of the local consignment sales.  The pants are for the boys – two pairs of Gap chinos, one pair of Gap jeans, and one pair of Land’s End pants for $2 each.  I’m not sure they’ve even been worn.  They’re pretty big, ranging from size 7-14, but someone will wear them eventually.  I’d have bought some items in the size 5-7 range, but as expected there wasn’t much selection.  Everything else is for the baby, ranging from 12m-2T from left to right.  Total spent: $39.25.


  • The dishwasher got replaced! (All is well so far; check back in another week.)  Once it was removed from its slot, the faulty areas & discoloration were evident.