I realize I’m a little late on this, but here it is.

  • I back posted a few more Monday’s worth, including April grocery numbers.  This catches me up to mid-July, which isn’t as bad as it sounds as I’ve gotten many of the weeks since on time.
  • Math mornings started.  These will run weekly through the end of the school year for the older three.
  • It rained all day Sunday, which washed out baseball.  This was our first real rainy day in a long time – heavy, steady rain (not hurricane Mathew) – and it was welcomed.
  • But, Thursday was beautiful.


  • I finished cleaning up the garage enough to finally get the cars in.  We were waiting on the driveway top coat anyway, and I got it done before the rains came.
  • We had extra mulch placed in the play area to make it deeper so the boys hopefully won’t wear down to the weed barrier as easily.
  • We had two trips to the dentist.
  • I got my hair cut.
  • We got a mirror hung over the fireplace.