I did a lot of grocery shopping last week.  I admit it.

On Monday, I went to Wegman’s.  Most of this was standard restocking.  The avocados were for tacos later in the week.  The cheeses were for an evening social event.  It turned out I didn’t need the eggs as we already had another pack, but we’ll eat them eventually.  (For those of you thinking 8 dozen is a lot of eggs, which is what I had once these entered the house, the boys have eggs for dinner most every Friday and they eat a dozen.  Add in breakfast and cooking egg uses and we’ll certainly eat them up long before I have to worry about how to use them.)


On Tuesday, I went to BJs.  I’m back to going every 4 weeks or so, so this was a big trip.  I took a picture of some of the items in the trunk as they were heading for the fridge/freezer in the garage.  I had some trouble with the lighting; the glow on the left is more bread.  As you can see, I bought my Halloween candy supply.  I really don’t know how many kids we’ll have this year so I may have over bought.  But, over is better than under and I made sure to choose things we don’t mind indulging on.  I hadn’t intended to get brown sugar, but in store they had a buy two spices get free brown sugar coupon.  Since I was planning to purchase 3 spices anyway, I grabbed one more + 2 coupons + 2 bags of brown sugar.  Along with that, there were coupons for PB, chocolate chips, chicken broth, and chips.


Then, we had weekend company so on Saturday we went to Wegman’s again to pick up items to BBQ.  We had steaks, salad, creamed spinach, pan fried potatoes, and banana cake.  I picked up a few other items while I was there.