I think a mudroom is critical to a house.  The ability to get out of the wet and cold, but abandon all outside items before coming in is important.  It keeps out the dirt.  It can keep out the cold.  It limits the stuff that naturally collects in the kitchen.

Our previous house had a huge mudroom.  Not the best laid out as one had to  walk the diagonal to move from inside to outside, but huge.  We had a table, an extra fridge, shelves, and room to spare.

This house not so much.  It’s plenty large for a few people.  But, at about a third the size of our previous one, and with all of us, we have to be rather vigilant about the space.  In relatively neat pictures, here it is full and empty (most folks out for the day).

Above the hooks are two shelves which hold out of season goods, hats that aren’t hook friendly, soccer shin guards, etc.  Next week we’ll be adding winter jackets.  There are plenty of hooks, but it will add to the bulk.  At some point we’ll have to figure out winter boots.  They may live in the garage, but that’s still up in the air.  Corralling the winter hats and gloves will be another issue.

So, the space is fine.  A little bigger would be nice, but this works.