The spending is coming back down.  We’re also starting to see the fall stock up sales so our freezer is filling up, which is nice.  It will help to balance things out in the future as there have been, for example, a lot of beef sales lately.

  • October TOTAL: $1161.96
    • Stop & Shop: $461.50
    • Wegman’s: $284.30
    • BJs: $332.72
    • Other: $83.44
      • Local: $0
      • Star Market: $75.48
      • Trader Joe’s: $7.96
      • Target: $0
      • Other: $0

I made a number of grocery stops this week.  On Monday, I went to BJ’s (left – very small trip), Wegman’s (center), and Shaw’s (right).  This was not my original plan.  I had intended to buy white bread at BJ’s, but they were out.  Wegman’s was in between and I had my list.  I knew I didn’t need anything perishable there so I thought I’d see if they had the bread I wanted.  Nope!  So, I stopped at Shaw’s.  Unfortunately they were low on pizza dough so I’ll still have to head back there in a week or two.

Then on Sunday I went back to Wegman’s for a more normal visit.  We had hamburgers for dinner that used half the ground beef.  I’ll use the rest in shepard’s pie later in the week.  I got a few milks so I can push my BJs trip towards the end of the week.  I got two bags of carrots because I had a coupon for $1 off a $5 organic produce purchase.  Carrots will keep and be eaten.  I got the small bag of apples because I had a $1 off a 3 lb bag which brought the unit price under that of the 8 lb bag.


I also stopped at the farm stand mid week and got broccoli, green beans, swiss cheese, and one heirloom tomato.  But, apparently I forgot to take a picture of that.  After not purchasing much produce for a few weeks, I’m stocked back up in that department.

Dinners this week will be a bit hit or miss.  I have a rough plan, but we have two days with no school, two evening soccer practices, and two evenings that I am out.  So, we shall see.