I made two significant trips this week and one small one that I did not take pictures of.  The small one first – I stopped at the farm stand for green beans and ham.

Now for the pictures (Apologies for the poor lighting.  I haven’t figured winter lighting out in this house yet.).  On Monday, I went to Stop & Shop.  Everything here was on sale except the juice, yogurt, and hot dogs.  Pasta was on its best sale of the year, but I had some already and I don’t buy a full year at a time.  Bottom round was $1.99/lb, which is great compared to its usual $4.99/lb.  I bought six pounds then cubed and froze it for later use.  Bananas were not on sale, but I had a store coupon for 10¢/lb off, bringing them to 29¢/lb.  So, I bought enough to match with the container of yogurt when making banana bread.  Most of this will be frozen for later use.


On Wednesday, I went to BJs.  Many of these items had BJs coupons, though I had to work extra hard to use two of them.  More about that on Thursday.  I sous vided the pork chops over the weekend and they came out great.  It’s been a while since we had pork chops as they usually come out dry, but this method seemed to mitigate that problem so we’ll probably put them back in the rotation.