The boys had next to no school last week what with Election Day and Veteran’s Day so things got a bit behind.  But, time continues to march forward.

  • I went for early voting with just the baby, which was so much more convenient that having to take all the kids on their day off.  (This is the end of any election discussion.)
  • I had parent/teacher conferences for the oldest 4.  The last one will be this week.
  • The older three boys started Adventure class, which will continue until the end of this year.
  • Soccer is done!  It’s not that I mind soccer, just that this frees up three evenings a week + Saturdays.
  • I signed up the three soccer players for spring soccer.
  • I purchased a few pairs of pants for the boys, which should finish our clothing needs for the time being.
  • I went to a tag sale (local Temple for charity).  I got three pairs of GAP jeans ($3 each), three shirts ($1 each), and nine books (@ $1 & 5@ $2).  I didn’t find as many items as last year, but their inventory is quite random and I did well on the items I did find.  The hard cover books, in particular, were quite a steal.
  • I fixed the kitchen sink that was dangling; it turns out the counter weight was stuck.