This was my big Thanksgiving shopping week.  I will pick up a few more items, but mostly its done.

On Tuesday, I went to Wegman’s.  Actually, this was more of a restocking trip.  The only thing I’ll be using for Thanksgiving here is the Jiffy cornbread mix as I need some cornbread for the stuffing.  As an aside, Clementines seem now to come in cardboard boxes vs wooden crates.  And, Wegman’s asked if I really wanted to keep the box.  Since it was my first purchase of they year I did, to keep them from rolling around in the fridge.  But, I guess I only need one.  I’m not sure if they reuse or recycle them.


On Wednesday, I went to Stop & Shop.  This time the only items I’ll be using for Thanksgiving are cranberry sauce and some lemons.  The paper wrapper is fish (hence the lemons).


Saturday, I went to Stop & Shop again.  This time Thanksgiving was in the offing.  For Thanksgiving, I bought onions, potatoes, butter, celery, garlic, herbs, and the green pepper.  The ground beef was for that night’s dinner (chili).  The leg of lamb was on a great sale; we’ll eat it after the holiday.