After a bit of a lull, we had a busy week last week.

  • We had two dentist appointments.
  • I went to the preschool parent/teacher conference.
  • The older boys saw Fantastic Beasts.
  • I finalized our Thanksgiving menu.
  • We discovered a problem with the siding.  Thankfully, this will be fixed under warranty.  Apparently there was a change in the manufacturing process, which didn’t work out well, so they went back to the old formulation.  In the spring when its warm enough to paint again they’ll replace the siding.
  • We finally got around to hanging the artwork in the front entry.  We’ve thought about getting some metal sculpture for a while, but we didn’t want to catch ourselves since they tend to protrude from the wall.  This location was perfect as its recessed and the sculpture is just the right size.


  • I finished sorting/hanging all the hand-me down girls clothing.