Yes, for many people January is a cleaning month.  Frankly, I’m still unpacking and some of the cleanout has to do with that – things we should have thrown away before moving and boxes of things to keep that can be recycled.  We also missed the last trash pickup of 2016 and were delayed a day for the first pickup of 2017 because of the holidays.  So, the trash/recycling pile rivaled those from the first few weeks after the move.

  • Unpacked a few more boxes.  Put those items away & recycled the boxes.
  • Touched up the paint in the living room.  Yes, dings do happen.
  • Gave away some extra tile that doesn’t match anything in this house.  This made me realize that we probably have some other handyman type supplies that don’t match anything in this house and so should be given away also.  Finding them is a project for another day.


  • I registered the boys for skating, swimming, and adventure (ropes) classes for later in the spring.
  • All the before school activities started up again so we’re out early on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Skiing lessons started.
  • Winter baseball started.
  • I’ve tried to stay home as much as possible to get things done around the house.  I’ve been out so much of the fall sorting moving or holiday related issues.  Tomorrow I do have to go out again though.