I made three grocery stops this week.

On Thursday I went to Stop & Shop.  Yes, that’s a Wegman’s bag in the picture with Stop & Shop chicken.  I’m not a huge fan of official reuseable bags because they don’t stay clean, but I often try to bring grocery bags to reuse since I can get a few visits from each of them.  Potatoes & goldfish were the big sale items so I went through twice (limit 1 per $25 transaction) to get two of both of those.

Because of timing, I didn’t take a picture of the Shaw’s visit on Friday where I bought 8 oatmeal, 8 pizza dough, and 4 pizza cheese.  I also stopped at Wegman’s on Friday.  The primary purpose was produce, but I also got a few of the items they hadn’t had last time like bagels and cereal.


My aim is to largely eat through our freezer right now, while fleshing it out with sale items from time to time.

Leftover chicken pot pie
Green beans
Harvest bread

Lemon chicken
Pan fried Brussels Sprouts
Pan fried potatoes

Spaghetti & meatballs

I’m going out so likely pizza for the crew.

Braised pork
Homemade bread (type tbd)

Spaghetti & meatballs

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza