After a week off, I went to BJ’s and Target plus multiple trips to Stop & Shop and Wegman’s.

Monday was BJ’s.  It has been a while since I’d been, and I had a lot of coupons so it was a pretty big visit.  While I was over that way, I picked up some water, juice, and raisins at Target.

On Wednesday, I went to Wegman’s and Stop & Shop.  This was a stock up day.  I had intended to go to Stop & Shop, but we were forecast to get a lot of snow starting Wednesday night.  We did get quite a bit and after three storms and multiple snow days I’m glad I went to Wegman’s also.  For example, we ate all these eggs in one week!


I needed to go to Stop & Shop to order cakes for the weekend.  I got a number of other items that were on sale also.  The cheese and herbs were the only items not on sale.


On Saturday, I went to Wegman’s and Stop & Shop again in the break between storms.  The primary purpose of Wegman’s was to pick up wine and ingredients for our Valentine’s Day dinner (lobster thermador, which we ate Saturday night).  Yes, more eggs.  Bread for french toast.  Lollipops for the birthday party.  Meatballs, pork, tomatoes, and applesauce to restock.  Lobster, herbs, and raspberries for the dinner.


At Stop & Shop, I picked up the cakes and celery for the dinner.  Eggos, OJ, tuna, and mushrooms were on sale.  The other items were just to restock knowing we would be at home with more snow.


With all the snow, we did pretty well for dinners.

Sous vide salmon
Pan fried potatoes

Spaghetti & meatballs

Sous vide steak
Baked potatoes

Thursday (snow bound potluck with our neighbor):
Kids: Macaroni & cheese plus leftover steak
Adults: Chili

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Homemade pizza

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Lobster thermidor, spinach salad, potato

Kids: Shrimp & broccoli
Adults: Homemade pizza