I usually post the accomplishments posts on Tuesdays, but with the standard holidays, snow days, and now school vacation week, things are getting a bit off.  So, rather than wait yet another week, I decided to post it here.

  • We finished up skiing lessons.
  • Our now 4 year old started skating lessons.
  • We hosted two birthday parties.  We attended two birthday parties.
  • We’ve had some contractors through for warranty work.
  • We’ve been to three doctor’s appointments.
  • We went to preschool family day.
  • The boys had their school valentine’s day parties.
  • I got more unpacking done.  I’m now down to 6 boxes apart from those in the unfinished basement.  Hopefully I can finish those off in the next few weeks.
  • The older three boys saw the LEGO Batman movie.
  • We took the oldest three plus the baby to the Museum of Science.  There were three things we specifically wanted to see: DaVinci, Chocolate, and Journey to Space.  We also stopped in at a few of the permanent exhibits.  Thankfully we got their fairly promptly after it opened because by the time we left at noon it was packed and loud.  A function of school vacation week, I’m sure.
  • I took the youngest boy to see the annual model train exhibit with his friend.

Next week we’ll be back at school, at least for a few weeks before April vacation.  After that it will be the spring stretch of chaos and then summer.  Time rolls on.