First, apologies for missing yesterday’s post.  We had a high wind warning and the wind did take out the power for a couple of hours.

After many months of listening to requests for fish tacos, I finally found a recipe I wanted to try – The Frugal Girl’s Not-Fried Fish Tacos.  I made the recipe as described and it was a real winner.  I even cut the fish fillets in half per her recommendation which made each piece the perfect size for one taco.  When I repeat it, I’ll probably skip microwaving the spices (not sure that actually did anything) and I’ll significantly increase the chipotle peppers in the sauce.  Some people thought the sauce needed more kick and we determined that the only people interested in the sauce were folks who would be ok with extra spice.

She recommended serving with guacamole and pico de gallo, among other toppings, so I made those too.  These were both recipes I’d made before and ones that seem to need some doctoring.

The guacamole recipe is from food.com.  It is very good.  I just find the full recipe is well over the stated six servings.  So, I basically halved it.  But, I rounded up the avocado and kept with two limes.  Pressing plastic wrap onto the surface goes along way towards keeping the brown at bay.

The pico de gallo recipe from Food Network needs even more doctoring.  Mainly, it produces WAY more than 4-6 servings.  I HIGHLY recommending thirding the recipe unless you are serving a LARGE crowd.  I also think it does well with a rest to let the flavors meld.  So, I try to make it in the morning if we’re planning to have it for dinner that night.

As you can see we also had flour tortillas, corn chips, cheese, sour cream, diced jalapeno, and lime slices.  Nobody uses all of those things, but different people enjoy different combinations.