This week signaled the beginning of the end (of the school year).

  • We began the transitional activities of swimming lessons, adventure class, and indoor baseball that tend to lie between the winter and warm weather sports.  We also got (one last we hope) dusting of snow.
  • We had one doctor appointment.
  • We had a date night (belated Valentine’s Day).
  • Our oldest had a pitching clinic.
  • I started signing up for summer camps.  On the one hand it seems early.  On the other had I didn’t want the 1-2 things they really want to fill up and they do eventually.  I’ll do more registrations as the week goes on to give us a base and then probably wait until summer and add camps if they’re still interested and space is available.
  • I also got the summer pool membership paperwork so that needs to be filled in.
  • In house news, once the snow melted we found a few things had moved outside.  So, they came by to replace a screw on the windowsill.  Actual touch-up paint and caulking will wait for warmer weather.