I purchased this vacuum cleaner about six months ago to replace our previous canister vacuum and Dust Buster that were on their last legs and so hit the trash in the move.  Best decision.

It is so light and easy to use.  Yet, it picks everything up.  The light on the front of the upright unit is extra bright so you can see all the dirt that soon will be gone.  The upright transitions easily from carpet to hardwood floors, which is great for area rugs.  The wheels roll smoothly on both surfaces.  And, it becomes thinner than most vacuums to go farther under beds, couches, etc.

The handheld unit comes apart for easy cleaning.  That process is quick and intuitive.  And, most importantly, unlike the Dust Buster it doesn’t create a big new mess near the trash can.  I have washed the filter once.  I made sure to dry it thoroughly, but I’m not even sure that was necessary.

The crevice tool stores on the upright, but installs on the handheld unit.  It has worked everyplace I’ve tried to use it, though I could imagine having an even smaller crevice tool.  This one more lengthens the opening vs making it narrower.

If there is a downside, it might be the battery.  Generally, it doesn’t bother me.  But, it only has enough juice for one floor at a time.  With small children I am frequently interrupted anyway.  I’ve also forgotten to put the battery back on the charger on occasion so it ran out extra quickly the next time.  To address this, I’ve ordered the extended run time battery.  I expect to alternate the two with one always on the charger, but we’ll see how much I appreciate the extra 10 minutes of run time.

Even if you have a full size vacuum for deep cleaning or longer run times, the ability to pull this out of the closet and quickly tackle the job is wonderful.  I bought this myself and am getting nothing for recommending it, but I would highly recommend a Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 to anyone.