Definitely a bigger month this time.  I did go to BJs on almost the first and almost the last day of the month, which contributed.  But, generally it looks like either things are getting pricier, or shopping at Wegman’s is more expensive than Stop & Shop.  (The balance has definitely swung that way in the last few months.)  I’ll have to do some more thinking to better analyze that.

  • March TOTAL: $1,186.99
    • Stop & Shop: $119.04
    • Wegman’s: $576.47
    • BJs: $375.94
    • Other: $115.54
      • Local: $23.69
      • Star Market: $62.80
      • Trader Joe’s: $0
      • Target: $29.05
      • Other: $0

A reasonable number of grocery trips this week.  First, I made a small trip to Stop & Shop on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, they were out of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, so I got Sharp which is only ok.  The total was so small that I bought the Cadbury Cream egg for 88¢ to tip me over the $25 minimum to use all my other coupons.  I like Cream Eggs once a year so I ate it that afternoon.


Wednesday was the big one – BJs.  Peanut butter was the driving factor, but I also stocked up on chicken nuggets and a few other items that will facilitate quick meals during the upcoming sports season.

Finally, on Saturday I went to Wegman’s.


You’ll see a lot of what I bought, at Wegman’s especially, in the dinners this week.

Lemon chicken
Pan fried potatoes

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Homemade pizza

Fish tacos
Pico de gallo

Kids: Hot dogs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Kids: Pancakes
Adults: Homemade pizza

Spaghetti & meatballs

Chipotle lime chicken
San Antonio rice