This past week we parted with quite a few pairs of pants, including this one.  There were also a few socks, but mostly pants.  Frankly, I’m surprised this pair lasted the winter.  Gymboree athletic pants have not held up well for us in the past.  Thankfully its spring.


  • We’ve only had 5 baseball games so far.  4 have been rained out.
  • We’ve had 3 baseball clinics.
  • The baseball players went to the opening day parade.  I made a banner for their team.
  • Soccer games were also affected.  Over two weeks we had 4 and 2 were cancelled.
  • Only 1 soccer practice was cancelled.

The rain policy for both baseball and soccer is age dependent.  It’s also often hard to get enough kids to play a rescheduled game.  I’m not sure how many of these games will end up getting rescheduled.

  • The 5th → 6th grade transition has begun.
    • I went to two meetings at the middle school.
    • We registered for middle school classes (foreign language & music choices).
  • I went to meetings at both the elementary school and preschool.
  • We had two weeks of bike club and skating.
  • We had 1 doctor’s appointment.
  • We had 1 playdate.
  • We went to 1 birthday party.
  • I got out the next bin of clothing for the baby to see what we had for summer / next size.  Turns out we’re in good shape for everything except tops so I’ve been doing a little shopping to fill in that hole.  It’s been tricky finding non-pink (all the bottoms are pink) onesie tops with sleeves, but we’ve managed.